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Dear Worried Friend,

You don't want to become the next victim of Identity Theft, do you? You don't want yourself, your family or friends to experience the high costs of this common crime. The loss of money and time is nothing compared to the emotional toll such abuse can cause. Thankfully there are ways to minimize your risk AND information to help you fight back if it happens!

Information is incredibly powerful. Using your information against you by stealing your credit cards or mail, committing crimes in your name or creating an atmosphere of fear are all consequences of stolen identity. Acting IMMEDIATELY when you have been victimized is very important but who do you call? And are there things you can do to PREVENT identity theft from happening?

 How to Protect Your Information

Have you ever given your credit card number to someone and asked yourself is this safe? Or has someone asked you for your SSN, like a landlord or employer, and you felt pressured into revealing it even though you questioned why they needed it? Or have you had your mail stolen and didn't know if you should do anything about it?

You're not alone. Everyone knows that identity theft happens but most people have no idea how easy they make it for thieves to access their information. While being critical of who you pass information onto is important, there are many other ways thieves can get to you and when you know their methods you can protect yourself from becoming an easy target.

What if you're already a victim?

Identity theft can be very difficult to prove and the time it takes to recover may be indefinite at best. Some victims still fight the effects of crimes committed years ago and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to clear their names. And what if the worst was to happen? What if your personal information was used to commit a crime? What would you do?

Just like the stewardess on an airplane points out the location of exits in case of emergency you should arm yourself with the information to counteract identity theft before it happens. Know who to call, what to do, and even how to keep tabs on your information so you'll be the first to know if it has been tampered with.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft!

Are you anxious to find out what you've been doing to make it EASY for thieves to get your information?

Are you afraid that you've already been victimized but don't know who to call or what steps to take?

Do you want to teach your children or friends how to protect their information while they still can?

All of your questions are answered in the book Protect Yourself from Identity Theft! Each of the precautions and emergency steps are outlined so you don't have to waste time arguing with the bank or getting unhelpful responses from the Police Department.

Here's what else you'll find in

 Protect Yourself from Identity Theft!

  • Who would steal your identity?

  • Do you know who to suspect? What do they want with it?

  • How to check if your identity has been stolen

  • Lost mail? Had a creditor call? How do you know if you're a victim?

  • How to prevent dumpster divers from getting your information

  • You can't always protect the trash but you can prevent thieves from getting anything from it.

  • How to protect your identity in public places

  • Worried the thieves will outsmart you? Arm yourself with information to protect yourself in public.

  • Questions to ask before giving information over the phone

  • What should you say? How do you know if it's legitimate?

  • Who should have access to your SSN?

  • Who has the right to your SSN? How can you refuse to give it?

  • How to access and understand your credit report

  • What does it mean and how do you get this vital piece of personal information?

  • Who you should call when your identity has been stolen?

  • Get the names of those who can help right away!

  • Can the police help fight identity theft?

  • Can they help you? What exactly can they do?

  • How to talk to the bank when you've been victimized

  • How do you prove you're not scamming them? How do you get your money back?

  • How to open new accounts after your identity's been stolen

  • Once you've reported your identity was stolen you'll need to know how to open new accounts of your own.

  • How to put an alert on your credit and prevent further victimization

  • When you know you've been victimized here's what to do so you don't loose MORE.

  • Why you need to take IMMEDIATE action to recover your identity

  • Why it's so important to clear your name as soon as it happens.

What You'll Also Get
  • Steps to protect your identity online

  • Worried about buying online? Here's what you need to know.

  • Organizations that help fight identity theft

  • Here are the people that devote their time to helping stop identity theft and helping victims get back to their life.

    Who's Been Looking Over YOUR Shoulder?

Are you thinking that you might not ever need to have this information? Do you figure that you'll get the help you need it when it happens?

Sadly, we do not live in a world where everything works as it's supposed to. Too many victims lose more money and time trying to undo the crime than they actually lost from the theft. Identity theft can be hard to prove and authorities are still trying to improve their ability to track down the criminals and make amends. Until then, you carry the burden of convincing bankers, lenders and employers that your record is clean.

You NEED to know this information and start changing your habits so thieves don't waste their time trying to get your information. Too many people make it easy for them don't be one of them!

Take the first step to protecting yourself and others - Download Protect Yourself from Identity Theft! right now!

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P.S. Don't forget that another day without using the information taught in Protect Yourself from Identity Theft! means one more day of worry and questions. Give yourself peace of mind by getting the answers you need TODAY!

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