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Friday, July 13, 2007 6:42:00 PM

Dear Internet Friend,

Why Audio Information?  

The benefits of receiving information by audio as compared to text
(or even video) are obvious. 

When you're in the car, out for a jog, or on the beach, you can flip
on your mp3 player to enjoy an audio book or article at the same time. 

Of course, it's nearly impossible to read text or watch video while you're
on the go (and please don't attempt to watch video while driving! ;-)

Why Our Audio Books Information?

Our Audio books are divided into two categories:
Human-read (PDF Word Format) and audio MP3.

I want you to know that our audio books are painstakingly created through
an intricate process, to bring you the highest quality audio books possible.

We send the finished audio books to our voice over expert, who records
each audio book in our studio.  This in itself is an intricate process, but it's
important you realize that we take zero shortcuts in bringing you the best
quality audio book content available online.

How often does Logic Cash Audio Books.com add new audio books? 

Each month we add four new audio books to our web site. To see this months
four new audio books move your mouse to the top right corner of our home page.

Does Logic Cash Audio Books.com Have a Guarantee?

All of our audio books are filled with so much value we GUARANTEE our books for upto 30 days. 
That's a full 4 weeks to get a FULL REFUND – no questions asked!

Well there you have it!



Logic Cash Staff