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Dear Beginning Golfer,

Are you intimidated when a friend or colleague asks YOU to play a game of golf? Do you suspect that business deals are being made on the course while you hang out in the Club House? Are you ashamed that you don't know a bunker from a green? Are you wondering what is making everybody so obsessed with this game?

Don't despair everyone started out just like you. Unfortunately if you've come late to the game you may feel your performance will embarrass you in front of your friends (or worse your boss!). While golf is typically learned by adults you may feel ashamed to admit your lack of skill and prefer to avoid the game altogether. Don't miss out on the fun and networking enjoyed by golfers…

  Get on the Course and Give it a Swing!

But before you do that (and risk embarrassing yourself) why not start out on the right foot with a quick overview of the sport, how it's played and how to make the right decisions (and shots) that make you look like an old pro?

Like any other game rules and skill, and other variables, will affect your performance. Have you ever seen cartoons about a frustrated golfer? Be prepared golf is as much a mental game as a physical one. Secret tips to control your frustration can give you an immense advantage, even over experienced players who let it get the better of them.

What about clubs? Which one is used for which shot? Making smart decisions is what wins the game and that’s why pro golfers have experienced caddies to give them advice on the course - but you don’t have that. An overview of clubs and when to use them will show others you've got the know-how!

Are you playing for fun or are you trying to fit into the crowd? Many business men and women enjoy networking over a game of golf. This is not the time to let nerves get to you or worry about how to get out of the bunker, what you really need is the…

Beginner's Guide to Playing Golf

Ready to step onto the course with your head held high? Well, a little practice certainly wouldn't hurt before making your debut, however, you'll see much faster progress after applying the advice and suggestions in the Beginner's Guide to Playing Golf.

What valuable information is contained in these pages? Here's a brief list of some of the golden nuggets of knowledge you'll find…

The Secrets to Playing Golf

(and What You Were Afraid to Ask Your Friends)

  • Choosing the Proper Golf Club
    From the first swing until the last, choosing the right club will greatly improve your game.
  • How To Achieve the Perfect Grip
  • Yes, it matters how you hold your club, and here's what you need to know to do it right.
  • Proper Stance and Posture for Golfers
  • A proper swing requires a proper stance, if you don't know how to stand then don't expect too much from your clubs.
  • Proper Stance for Perfect Putts
  • Putting requires a different technique to get results. Don't spend all afternoon at the same hole trying to make the putt!
  • Correcting Common Swing Mistakes
  • It's easy to forget the principles behind great swings until you've made several frustrating shots learn these tips and avoid common mistakes.
  • How and When to Use a Wood
  • Not always the easiest club to get comfortable with, learn how to make great shots with a Wood.
  • When and How to Use an Iron
  • There's more than one in your golf bag, but when should you use them and how?
  • How to Improve Your Contact    
  • There's nothing more embarrassing than missing the ball or having it dart to the side. Learn how to improve contact and get that ball moving in the right direction!

  • Overcoming Your Fears - The Mental Game of Golf    
  • The secret that's worth the price of the whole book how to keep your head in the game and not let frustration get the better of you!

  • How To Keep Score In a Golf Game
  • Whether you're playing alone or in a group, keeping accurate score will count (especially if your friends try to cheat!)
  • Tips for Uphill and Downhill Swings
  • Special instructions to help you make the best shots in any situation.
  • How to Get Out of the Bunker    
  • Don't want to sit in the Bunker all day? Try these tips and you won't!

  • Handling the Rough    
  • You're bound to find yourself in the rough, especially when you're just learning, here's how to get out and keep the game going.

    What You'll Also Get

  • Tips for Golfing on a Windy Day

  • Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain    

Are You Ready to Become a Real Golfer?

You don't need to sit on the sidelines or find another excuse to get out of a golf invitation. A little practice combined with a little knowledge is a powerful combination. Are you ready to get tongues wagging about YOUR impressive game? Learning to golf will improve your confidence don't let it hold you back anymore! Find out for yourself why others are so obsessed with the game and why it's gaining in popularity so quickly.

Are you ready to learn how to play golf? Start today for less that the cost of an afternoon at the driving range. Download Beginner's Guide to Playing Golf right now!

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Logic Cash Staff

P.S. Don't forget that another day without using the skills taught in Beginner's Guide to Playing Golf means one more day of missing out on the fun and excitement of playing golf. Get involved make friends get ahead in business. You have the answers now it's time to start applying them!