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Dear New Real Estate Investor,

Do you have a gut feeling that you could be making a ton of money in real estate? When you hear stories or watch television programs about flipping houses or investing in rental properties, do you say I could do that! but never take the next step?

Probably you've held back because you know that big wins often means big losses. Risk is high in real estate no matter what the current market trend. Do you wonder if you have enough experience to make the right decisions?

 How to Invest Without Losing Your Shirt!

Don't worry. You're a smart individual because you're actually holding back before jumping into the real estate craze. Too many people forget that the real estate market has professionals making money (and losing it) every day. That's tough competition. The secret to their success? They understand real estate, the market, and the bottom line.

You can too!

Knowledge is POWER and it's not so difficult to obtain. A little bit of advice combined with determination and drive and you're already ahead of the crowd. Are you willing to risk it all on a gut reaction or do you realize that making money in real estate means treating it like a business and learning what the experts do to make REAL money and limit losses?

Before you make that first visit to the mortgage lender, do yourself a favor find out for yourself

 How to Make Money in Real Estate

Your success in real estate DEPENDS on making smart decisions before you buy and after. Whether you're renovating for a flip, getting involved in rental housing or have other plans for your investment you NEED to know what the experts know.

Don't fall into a money pit or fail to count the cost before you buy, find out right now…

How to Make Money in Real Estate
(and Not Move Into the Poor House!)

  • Where Can You Find a Real Estate Deal?

  • Find out how the experts get such great deals and beat them to it!

  • Compare Similar Properties for Investing

  • Learn how to compare properties so you pick the RIGHT one!

  • How To Find a Motivated Seller

  • The secret to getting a great price is finding the right seller, here’s how…

  • How to Create Great Newspapers Ads for Both Buyers and Sellers

  • Marketing skills are part of the process; learn how to create appealing ads that attract attention.

  • How to Get a Property Appraisal    

  • Start your business right with information on property appraisal.

  • Learning the Basics of Real Estate Contracts

  • Never read the find print? It's essential here's an overview of how the contracts work so you don't get scammed!
  • Why You Need to Have a Property Inspection

  • Don't let your enthusiasm get in the way; take the time to plan properly so you really know what you're buying.

  • The Difference Between Assumable and Non-Assumable Mortgages    

  • Trying to work magic with the financing? Learn about mortgages these type of mortgages and you might find a way.

  • When Should You Renovate an Investment Property?

  • Before you spend a ton of money on your property, find out when renovating is a good idea and when it's just a waste of money.
  • When and How You Should Form Real Estate Partnerships    

  • Thinking about joining forces with a friend? Protect yourself from problems and grief by going over this information first.

  • The Pros and Cons of Investing In Apartments and Multi Family Properties
  • Know both sides of the investment question before you put your money into it.
  • How To Invest With Bad Credit

  • Don't despair it's really possible!
    What You'll Also Get

  • Determining Your Operating Expenses

  • A wise investor wouldn't forget about this aspect of business if you don't have a clue about the cost of investing this is for you!
  • Computing Real Estate Returns
  • Just how much will you be getting? Can't wait to figure it out? Here's how

 Are You Ready to Start House Hunting?

Every street you drive down is beckoning you to buy a property. The newspaper seems a treasure trove of possibilities and you've heard about a great investment from a friend. Don't stop looking, you never know where the next deal can be found - but before you get too excited, get informed.

You'll enjoy the hunt even more when you are armed with the information and questions you need to get the best deal (and avoid the worst) from owners and realtors. Experienced investors act fast, so you need to know how to spot your property quickly and accurately.

Are you ready to start property hunting? Download How to Make Money in Real Estate right now!

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Logic Cash Staff

P.S. Don't forget that another day without using the skills taught in How to Make Money in Real Estate means one more day of wondering if you could really do it and increasing your risk of making the WRONG choice! Don't wait for the ink to dry on the contract before getting all the secrets to making money in real estate!